Wednesday, September 18, 2013

National Institute on Drug Abuse National Early Warning System Coordinating Center

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Grant/Contract Name:  National Institute on Drug Abuse National Early Warning System Coordinating Center
Deadline: December 3, 2013
Funding Amount:   One award anticipated.
Estimated Total Program Funding:    $900,000
Summary:   This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) solicits applications for a single Coordinating Center to support novel data acquisition strategies, data harmonization, analysis and dissemination activities on emerging and current drug abuse trends across selected communities. The Coordinating Center will:

(1) establish and develop key community-level indicators for monitoring drug abuse trends and early identification of new synthetic drugs and emerging issues including establishing harmonization of indicators and of presentation and analysis of indicators across the selected communities; (2) identify and develop novel sources of data including data available via the Internet and obtain relevant data from various sources; (3) conduct cross-site data analyses from the harmonized Coordinating Center data; (4) develop and execute a dissemination and publication plan of results and findings from the Coordinating Center data, including development and maintenance of a website for disseminating data and findings;
(5) establish an Early Warning Network composed of local experts on drug abuse data from the selected communities, as well as NIDA-supported community-based researchers, to assist in the ongoing monitoring and interpretation of data and (6) provide operational, administrative and logistical support for the Coordinating Center data harmonization and dissemination initiative.

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