Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello Kitty Beer Gets Plenty Of Buzz

Photo Credit: Taiwan Tsing Beer Company

Hello Kitty, having been branded onto just about every other imaginable consumer product on this planet, and it is now being used to market beer in Asia.

Consumers in China and Taiwan can now pick from six fruit-flavored brews, including peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit, and banana, sporting the cartoon cat on the can. According to beer maker, Taiwan Tsing Company, the beverage is about half the alcohol content of a Budweiser, they're not very potent. As Kotaku's publication quoted, "They're so ridiculously smooth and tasty that one can barely tell they're drinking beer. It's almost like drinking fruit juice, even if the cans do say 'beer." But to consumers, it is misleading as another alcopop masked as a fruit drink.
FEATURE ARTICLE: Huffington Post

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