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The Uncomfortable Truth About Chickens, Prozac and Farts.

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by Cindy Moustafa
If when you read this title with a greater amount of confusion, yet interest, fear not. It will all make sense at the end.

For the past 2 years I have made every effort to only use organic, free-range chicken, eggs, turkey and meat. Sure, it costs a little more but I’d rather spend a couple of extra dollars than ingest the crap they are feeding these poor creatures.

Today, I came across this article in the NY Times, that didn’t so much shock me as it did reassure me that I’m making the right meat purchases. I have included a link to the article below, but to sum it up, it was found that chickens are being fed arsenic as well as anti-anxiety medication, among other things, so that their meat is more tender and visually appealing. Why the hell are chickens anxious and depressed in the first place? Well, if you were locked with 25 people in a tiny cage and force-fed so that you’d get nice and plump for someone to eat you, you might need Prozac too. In today’s society, animals have become modern-day Hansels & Gretels and we are the evil witches.

Whose fault is this? I’d love to say the food industry and the government, and to a certain extent they do assume some responsibility. But ultimately it’s you and I that cause this. Chickens, cows, pigs, and lambs live this life because we demand to have chicken nuggets, pulled pork sandwiches, fried drumsticks and veal cutlets in large quantities daily. This high demand puts pressure on farmers to grow these animals quicker then they can naturally grow. So, it turns out that a diet of corn, animal shit, drugs, antibiotics and growth hormones (that you will ingest ultimately by the way, because you then eat that food), does the trick. If you don’t give a shit about animal cruelty, then consider that a big part of the Earth’s greenhouse gases are coming from too many cow farts. You read that right. We’ve got so many damn cows, eating so much, that they’re farting all day long and destroying our planet. And you thought your Uncle Ned’s gastrointestinal issues at Thanksgiving dinner was an issue.

I’m by no means a vegetarian. But the more I learn, the more I understand why people follow vegetarianism. I personally think that there is a healthy medium. You can buy organic, local meats and you can go vegetarian just 2 days a week. This week, try just to buy organic chicken and turkey and see how long you can stretch those meals. For example, a pound of organic chicken can most likely feed 2 for at least a dinner and lunch. When you divide the price per meal, it’s really not as expensive as you think.

We have to learn to get uncomfortable if we really want to make a change. I beg you, to please open your mind and watch Food, Inc. or any other expose on the way factory farming really treats animals.

You don’t have to be an animal activist to know that what’s going on is not right. Even if you have no concern for the animals, please consider this: What in the hell are we feeding ourselves and our children?? Estrogen? Prozac? Arsenic? Actual shit?


As promised, here are 2 links to get you started. Feel free to comment and ask for recipe ideas, or even just your thoughts!

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