Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Final Month to Submit Play Street Applications!

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Hey Blog Readers!
It's been encouraging to watch enthusiasm for Play Streets grow. The NYC Health Department has already received over 40 Expressions of Interest and more are coming in still! We are quickly approaching the Play Street application deadline and many of you have asked questions about how to proceed. Below is a basic outline of the critical steps and recommended time-frame to complete them in. 

Step 1. (to be completed ASAP) Submit the Expression of Interest. A representative from the NYC Department of Health will contact you afterwards to help you select an appropriate site. Even if you're not absolutely certain you want to host a Play Street this summer, we encourage you to fill this out to so the City knows people want more resources and support for this program.   

Step 2. (to be completed by March 31) Submit the final Play Streets permitapplication. You will need to obtain the signature of your local community board district manager and the precinct community affairs officer (let us know if you need help with this step). It takes roughly 6-8 weeks for your Play Streets permit to be issued. 

Step 3. (to be completed by June 30) Plan activities and logistics. There are lots of moving pieces to hosting a successful Play Street. Recruiting volunteers and activity leaders are one important component (we can help with this too). Our Best Practices guide contains valuable information to get you started.  

Please contact Alan Leung of Transportation Alternatives at or (646)839-6483, if you have any questions about this.

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