Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Transformation - The Floyd Taylor Story (Part 3)

This is a 3 part series detailing the story of Floyd Taylor, a youth member of the
Forward South Bronx Coalition.
By Cedric McClester
In brand new situations, some people are like fish out of water, while others are to the manner born.  Floyd proved to be the latter, rather than the former.  You would have thought that Floyd was a graduate of the Dale Carnegie course, “How To Win Friends and Influence People”.  At the CADCA training Floyd was exposed to people from all over the country and Puerto Rico.  More importantly, people became exposed to him.  He became the Forward South Bronx Coalition’s goodwill ambassador.

Floyd found the workshops beneficial and informative and brought back tons of literature and business cards of the people he met.  Perhaps, the greatest lesson of all he learned during those five days in Nashville was people are basically the same, no matter who they are or where they come from.  To put it in his words, I’ve learned that no matter where they come from, or whatever their race or religion is, people are basically the same.  I no longer see color when I look at people.”  Indeed, sometimes coming together can be transformative.
About the Contributing Blogger
Cedric McClester is the Director of Community Relations for SFI (formerly Sports Foundation, Inc.). Sports Foundation Inc. is a social service organization that provides free counseling, sports, health and education programs and activities for today's youth. He is also the coordinator of the Forward South Bronx Coalition. The vision of the Forward South Bronx Coalition (FSBC) is to create a culture within the South Bronx that promotes healthy living, hopefulness, and connectedness within the community to instill a sense of present and future possibilities.

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