Friday, December 7, 2012

Cuomo Says No to Alcohol Tax Increase

This week, Governor Andrew Cuomo reportedly rejected a proposal made by the New York State Public Health and Planning Council that would have increased taxes and regulations on alcohol. Under this plan, along with the tax increase, the number of new bars and liquor stores would have been reduced and advertisements that do not “glamourize” alcohol consumption would have been mandated.

In October, Cuomo stated, ““New York’s vibrant beer, wine, cider and spirits industry supports thousands of jobs across the state,” he said, promising to “work as an entrepreneurial government to partner with the private sector to help key industries thrive and prosper.”

However, Cuomo did issue tough new rules late last month to keep drivers with a history of repeated alcohol- or drug-related convictions off the road.

Under the rules, the state Department of Motor Vehicles can permanently revoke the licenses of some repeat offenders, and require an interlock system for those who have had their licenses revoked.


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