Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grass Roots and Growing

by Dan Stinson

Prior to six years ago, there was no real drug and alcohol prevention initiative in the community of Grand Island, New York. The new High School Principal, in an attempt to ascertain the needs of the school, sent home a survey to parents asking them what they considered the main issues. The answer came back load and clear; “You have a drug problem at the school and nothing is being done about it”.

That’s when One Island,One Team, One Dream, to be Drug free, was born. Starting off as a very grass roots group, we have grown to include members from almost all walks of the community including, the School Superintendent, high school and middle school Principals, the Ministerium, health care providers, counselors, law enforcement, Town Justice, Town Board, ECCPASA, Kids Escaping Drugs, Horizons Health Services, Youth Board, PTA, and concerned students and parents.

One Island’s reach now encompasses the entire community and takes on other issues related to prevention such as domestic violence, graffiti and bullying. Even though we have gained a great reputation and won organization of the year last year, having recently implemented the Strategic Prevention Framework, we are only just beginning to realize our impact.

About the Contributing Blogger
Dan Stinson is the Chairman of One Island, One Team, One Dream, to be Drug free.  Located in the town of Grand Island, part of Buffalo, NY, the mission of the coalition is to establish a healthy, drug free school and community. Our immediate goals are to see a marked reduction of alcohol and drug use among students within a two year period and to increase awareness of the problems and their solutions. 

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