Thursday, October 17, 2013

IMPACT Grant Opportunity

Grant/Contract Name:  IMPACT (Intensive Mentoring/Parents and Children Together) Program Concept Paper
Deadline:   Comments are due November 8, 2013.
Funding Amount:   One award anticipated.  The anticipated annual funding for the IMPACT Program is approximately $3.3 million.  It is anticipated that IMPACT will serve up to 175 participants per year referred from all five boroughs. The anticipated cost per participant ranges from $15,300 to $18,800.
Eligibility:   Through the upcoming RFP, the Department of Probation (DOP) will be seeking an appropriately qualified vendor to provide a community-based program-grounded in evidence-based principles-to adolescents who are sentenced to probation supervision in Adult Court.

Agency:   NYC Department of Probation (DOP)
Summary:   The Concept Paper is a precursor to the forthcoming IMPACT (Intensive Mentoring/Parents and Children Together) Program Request for Proposal (RFP). IMPACT is a community-based program designed to meet the specialized needs of adolescents who are sentenced to probation (primarily) through Adult Criminal Court. More specifically, IMPACT is designed to help youth who are primarily sentenced as Juvenile Offenders (JOs) or Youth Offenders (YOs) address issues related to their wrongdoing through two main components - inhome family services and mentoring.

DOP anticipates releasing the IMPACT RFP in Winter 2014.  The forthcoming IMPACT RFP will be released through the
HHS Accelerator system. Only organizations with approved HHS Accelerator Business Application and Services Applications for one or more of the following will be able to propose: Life Skills; Parenting Services; Case Management; Alternative Justice Management; Conflict Resolution/Mediation; and, Preventive Services.
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