Thursday, October 17, 2013

Health Systems for a Tobacco-Free NY Grant

Deadline:   November 22, 2013
Funding Amount:   The anticipated total funding for this initiative, pending availability of funds, is just over $15.5 million for 11 contracts (10 regional; one statewide) over a projected four-year and nine-month contract period. Annual funding amounts for 10 regional contracts are expected to be up to $300,000 per contract; one statewide contract is expected to be funded up to $275,000.

Eligibility:   Public and private not-for-profit agencies and organizations in New York State, including but not limited to: local government and public health agencies, health care systems, primary care networks, academic institutions, community-based organizations, volunteer associations and professional associations with experience in health systems level change to improve quality of care. Experience working with low income and low educational attainment populations and with individuals with serious mental illness is expected.
Agency:   NYS Department of Health

Grant ID:  FAU Control #1306271049
Summary:   The New York State Department of Health (Department) Bureau of Tobacco Control (BTC) seeks applications from organizations that will work to engage health care systems to improve the delivery of guideline-concordant care for tobacco dependence through systems and policy change at the organizational level. A systems approach is consistent with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Health Impact Pyramid (Frieden, 2010) and interventions that have broader population effect and require lower individual level effort. Health care organizations that serve disproportionately affected populations (low income, low educational attainment, and serious mental illness) are the priority focus for this contract. Health system interventions should result in expansion of the reach of evidence-based smoking cessation interventions without direct provision of those services. The focus is on working with higher level administrative decision-makers to ensure that the providers in the health systems they oversee deliver appropriate and aggressive tobacco dependence treatment to its members.

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