Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Superstorm Sandy Social Services Block Grant

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Deadline:   8/30/2013
Funding Amount:   The State of New York will distribute $200,034,600 in federal Superstorm Sandy Social Services Block Grant (Sandy SSBG) funding to eligible health and human services providers.

Eligibility:   For Profit , For Profit (Other than Small Business), Local Government, Non Profit 501 (c)(3)(Not Higher Ed)
Agency:   New York State

Grant ID:  Sandy SSBG Request for Proposals
Summary:   New York will allocate Sandy SSBG funding to address four Focus Areas: A. Repair, renovation and rebuilding; B. Uncompensated operational costs, including provision of critical services during/after Superstorm Sandy; C. Ongoing support and social services for those impacted by Superstorm Sandy; and, D. Flexibility to ensure that additional eligible social service needs resulting from Superstorm Sandy can be addressed.

Sandy SSBG funding must be used for costs that are 1) directly related to Superstorm Sandy and populations that were impacted by it; and 2) not reimbursed and not currently eligible for reimbursement by the federal government (including FEMA), private insurance and any other public or private funding sources. Duplication of benefits is prohibited.

Eligible costs include the traditional SSBG-funded services: Adoption Services; Case Management Services; Congregate Meals; Counseling Services; Day Care-Adults; Day Care-Children; Education and Training Services; Employment Services; Family Planning Services; Foster Care Services-Adults; Foster Care Services-Children; Health-Related Services; Home-Based Services; Home-Delivered Meals; Housing Services; Independent/Transitional Living Services; Information and Referral Services; Legal Services; Pregnancy and Parenting Services; Prevention and Intervention Services; Protective Services-Adults; Protective Services-Children; Recreational Services; Residential Treatment Services; Special Services-Disabled; Special Services-Youth at Risk; Substance Abuse Services; Transportation Services; Other Services.

The Sandy SSBG supplemental appropriation also allows funding to be used for: Renovation, repair and rebuilding services; Health care and mental health services, including costs associated with service delivery as well as the operational cost of sustaining the ability to provide such services in order to subsequently reopen facilities entirely shut down as a result of Superstorm Sandy.

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