Wednesday, June 12, 2013


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CADCA is accepting applications for the 2013 GOT OUTCOMES! Coalition of Excellence Awards and is seeking strong candidates to apply. We wanted to reach out to you, the National Coalition Academy Graduates; because we know that the training you received at the NCA can help you put together a strong GOT OUTCOMES! application. The application and information requested is built around our training model and many of the coalitions that win are former NCA graduates. 

Some of you receiving this message are past winners (congratulations!). Past winners in the Coalition in Focus or Milestones category can apply again for a Coalition of the Year award. Some of you may have applied before and it just might be time to dust off that application, get your new data together, and apply again! If you have considered applying in the past, or are not familiar with the awards, please visit our web page where you can learn all about how CADCA is recognizing coalitions for their contributions to substance use/abuse outcomes:

If you answer “YES” to these questions, you are a strong candidate for an award:

1.    Are you seeing reductions in substance use rates and/or positive changes in the root causes of your identified problems such as perception of harm and perception of availability?
2.    Does your coalition have strong data on the local conditions in your community that are contributing to the root causes of your identified problems (e.g. knowing not just that youth believe alcohol is easy to access, but specifically how they are accessing it in your community)?
3.    When you take a look at your outcomes and all of the strategies and interventions you have already completed, do you feel you can make the case for your coalition’s contribution to those outcomes you are seeing today?

Applications are due on June 26th and CADCA will review your draft application materials and provide feedback to help you strengthen your application prior to submission. These draft materials would need to be received by CADCA at by Wednesday, June 12th. All of the application instructions and materials are available on the GOT OUTCOMES! web page at On the web page, you can also listen to a recorded applicant webinar we conducted earlier this month and access numerous other resources.   

Coalitions interested in applying should contact CADCA staff to help answer any questions about the application. Please email or call 1-800-54-CADCA, ext. 245 or ext. 262.

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