Thursday, May 9, 2013

Help Us Stop Urban Outfitters from Selling Product Promoting RX Drugs Abuse

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters
UrbanOutfitters can't stay out of trouble.
The latest controversy brewing in connection to the popular retailer is over "prescription"shot glasses and other medical-themed drinking paraphernalia. Urban Outfitters is currently peddling shot glasses, flasks and beer koozies designed to resemble prescription pill bottles, as well as "Syringe ShotShooters" (so you can squirt alcohol into your mouth instead of just drinking it).
Tongue-in-cheek products that normalize and promote prescription drug abuse only serve to reinforce the misperception about the dangers associated with abusing medicine and put more teens at risk.
Ask Urban Outfitters to remove these products from their stores and website immediately. Feel free to use the information above to help make your point.
Send an e-mail to:
Richard A. Hayne; CEO & Chairman
Write a letter:
Urban Outfitters, Inc.
5000 South Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19112-1495
Sign this Facebook Causes petition:
When you take action, reply to this e-mail to let us know, share a comment on the blog post – and please forward this message to a friend or colleague.
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