Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Message from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

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You may have seen some intriguing headlines in the news recently: "NYC aims to ban cigarette sales under 21s," or "Hiding the Smokes." Here's what's really happening:

Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council have been hard at work proposing policies that will keep kids from smoking and help smokers quit. These new proposals would prohibit sale of tobacco products to anyone under 21, set minimum prices on products and prohibit the display of tobacco products in stores. 

Sensible Tobacco Enforcement Bill

  • Increases penalties for retailers who evade tobacco taxes or sell tobacco without a license. 
  • Prohibits retailers from redeeming coupons or honoring other price discounts for tobacco products.
  • Creates a minimum price for cigarettes and little cigars, which are virtually identical to cigarettes, at $10.50 per pack.
  • Requires that cheap cigars and cigarillos be sold in packages of at least 4, and little cigars be sold in packages of at least 20. Cigars that cost more than $3 each are exempt from the packaging rule.

Tobacco Product  Restriction Bill

  • Prohibits the display of tobacco products to protect children from the marketing of cigarettes through their display at retail counters.

  • Does not inhibit retailers ability to advertise and communicate tobacco product price and information to customers

We need to ensure that these measures are supported, so we need your help! Learn more about these initiatives and tell your friends to support them here. Stay tuned for some more calls to action from us-- the City Council will need to hear from you soon!

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