Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inclusion Takes Practice

Achieving Cultural Diversity in Your Neighborhood

Recently, the NYC Prevention Resource Center sought the assistance of the remaining five regional PRC's --Suffolk, Mid-Hudson. Western NY, Central NY, and Finger Lakes regarding ways to include the experiences and contributions of the many coalitions throughout the state into Notes from the Meeting Table.   It was our goal to encourage information sharing amongst the groups and provide another active resource for everybody to utilize.

However, creating a fully inclusive atmosphere that welcomes our friends from around NYS to the "Table"  is admittedly a work in progress.   For anyone that has engaged in resolving issues of cultural competency's always the little things that have the greatest impact.  From ensuring that various ethnic, cultural, and social groups are represented, to providing multi-lingual materials that can be used by the entire community; the ability to become and remain aware of the nuances that can make others feel and stay involved in your work is a key ingredient to achieving and sustaining success.

So, with this in mind, I am asking for your patience an indulgence as I am striving to encourage our coalitions both in NYC and NYS to tell us your ideas, thoughts, and opinions on a number of issues affecting your communities.

I hope that you will all share and use NMT as a forum for discussion, debate, and to raise the awareness of coalition members about the accomplishments and challenges that come with this work (and please excuse an occasional NYC reference instead of the more inclusive "New York" verbiage.)

Until next time...

- Scott M.

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  1. Tell how you've addressed cultural diversity and inclusion in your community...