Friday, August 17, 2012


This September, the NYC Prevention Resource Center is kicking off a brand new campaign called "Community...CONNECTED!" It's purpose is to provide the various communities we've visited over the past three years with a chance to meet each other; share ideas and resources; and  become a collective force for change in New York City.

Looking Back
This past July marked the fourth year of the NYC Prevention Resource Center.  During that time,we've had the opportunity to travel across the speaking with a variety of people about how drugs and alcohol have negatively impacted the quality of life of residents and dampened the future aspirations of young people. We heard story after story of communities at a loss about knowing where to  focus their efforts  in trying to bring about change and a sense of hope.

However, we have been emboldened by the commitment of these champions to stay the course and encouraged by the ideas and creative solutions to grab the attention of the neighborhood and show an alternative to drug use and abuse.

Become Connected
As a part of Community...CONNECTED!,  we will be hosting special events, workshops, and opportunities for you to meet,speak, share, and provide your thoughts on what needs to be done to uplift our youth and change your communities.

I encourage you to be a part of these gatherings; to tell us your opinions on the state of alcohol and drug prevention on both a local and national stage; and network with others that share your passion towards making a lasting change within their neighborhoods.

Stay tuned...there is so much more to come!

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