Monday, January 14, 2013

Co-Op Board Sues Over Marijuana Smell

A local Upper East Side Co-op board is suing on of its residents over the smell of marijuana coming from inside his apartment.

The board alleges that a 12 year tenant of The Fontaine, 73-year old Richard Kempter should be responsible for the actions of his guests while he is away from the apartment.  They argue that the smell of pot has become intolerable and has permeated other apartments within the building.

Kempter, a psychology professor has responded  to the accusations by maintaining that he is being targeted because his guest are black while may of the other tenants are white.  He also says that he has not invited the offending guests back after hearing the complaints.

The case has been filed in Manhattan Supreme Court  and is awaiting litigation.

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Should a Tenant be Liable for A Housesitter Smoking Marijuana in Their Apartment While They Are Away?   
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