Friday, November 30, 2012

UDETC Offers Free Training Courses


The Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center is offering FREE distance traning opportunities that provide local neighorhoods with useful information on best practices to address the serious problem of underage drinking.  Current courses include:

  • Conducting Compliance Check OperationsThis four-hour online training provides basic guidelines and operational information on reducing sales of alcohol to underage purchasers through compliance investigations of alcohol retailers. The course presents rationales for carrying out these investigations and emphasizes the importance of reducing youth access to alcohol thereby reducing youth related crime in the community and improving the quality of life. 

  • Environmental StrategiesThis two-hour online training is designed to increase the participant's skill level and understanding of environmental prevention practices and share effective strategies for States, Territories, and/or communities to address alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems from an environmental standpoint.

  • Party Prevention and Controlled Party Dispersal - New!This 6-hour training discusses the role of enforcement and community agencies in preventing underage drinking parties and safely dispersing them when they do occur. It describes the problem of underage drinking in general and youth drinking parties in particular. This course recognizes that to be successful, any underage drinking strategy must be supported by law enforcement, the judiciary and the community. Consequently, this course examines not only the mechanics of successful controlled party dispersal operations, but also how controlled party dispersal is part of a larger effort to focus investigations, change community perceptions and promote joint law enforcement and community efforts. This course includes information on conducting controlled party dispersal operations, legal strategies, marketing and media and police – community roles and relationships.

  • The UDETC offers a wide array of information, resources, and funding opportunities to assist local communities address the issues and consequences associated with underage alcohol sure to check it out.

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