Friday, April 1, 2011

Gangs OR No Gangs? (LESPC)

Well...well...well...The Lower East Side Prevention Coalition (LESPC) has started planning a community outreach event for June 2011.  Details are still a little sketchy about the format but a few meetings has occurred to begin fleshing out the idea.  One of the formats called for a Gang Awareness Night that brought together gang affiliated & non-affiliated youth together to hear about the dangers and negative outcomes of joining a gang.   After a back and forth conversation that weighed the pros and cons of having the two populations in the same room, it was decided that the approach for each group would be different and may send a mixed message.   In the end, I find myself on the fence and think that under the right circumstances, it might work...just don't ask me what those circumstances would be...hmmm...any ideas?

Summer Youth Looking for Jobs

With news that the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) is facing a significant bunch of layoffs for the upcoming season (again!), the LESPC has launched a community campaign to identify paid and unpaid internships for local youth.  They have reached out to community organizations, local businesses, and corporation partners to try and find suitable placements for the kids.   The idea is that if kids end up on the streets, then they will definitely engage in drinking and drug use.   Not a bad idea and most definitely pro-active on the part of the coalition.   Still, it seems that SYEP funding is always restored at the last minute but it will be interesting to see what resources are identified for the kids.  Maybe, they will have a few options available when its all said and done....Stay tuned!

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